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Socialist approach of Planning

Socialist approach of Planning
Socialist approach of planning is similar to interventionist planning. The classical conception of socialist economic planning held by Marxists involved an economic system where goods and services were valued, demanded and produced directly for their use-value, as opposed to being produced as a by-product of the pursuit of profit by business enterprises. This idea of “production for use” is a fundamental aspect of a socialist economy. This involves social control over the allocation of resources and production. This differs from planning within the framework of capitalism, which is based on the planned accumulation of capital in order to either stabilize the business cycle (when undertaken by governments) or to maximize profits (when undertaken by firms), as opposed to the socialist concept of planned production for use. “Socialist planning “usually refers to the Soviet-type command economy. 
The main features are: Centrally (government) controlled resource…

Local Development Planning (LDP)

Local development planning refers to the planning of areas at the local levels which aims to mobilize resources and technology available at the local level for the development of the rural areas for the delivery of necessary services and facilities to the local people. In other words, the most important aspect of local development planning is to mobilize local resources, use local skill and technology and to assist local people of their needs.
The Main philosophy of local development planning is to involve the local people directly in the identification, formulation, implementation and maintenance of local level projects and make the development works sustainable.
Local development planning is the planning by the people at local level. So, it is bottom up approach in development perspective.
If local development project is promoted by increasing investment in production oriented programs based on employment oriented technology to create employment opportunity at local level, …